Thomas Wara 

Principal Consultant


I have 15 years of recruitment experience, currently specialising in Electrical, Instrumentation and Control Systems in the Energy and Resource sectors. My background consists of internal and external recruitment, ranging from recruiting white-collar Engineers to spearheading recruitment drives and initiatives for ASX-listed businesses. I am well regarded in the EI&C space, with long-standing relationships with EPCMs, system integrators and asset owners.

Outside of work, I like to cook up a feast, catering for close friends and family. With this, it spurs on sporadic dieting, Keto, Veganism, fasting or a combo of all three. Basically, I like food, so I may as well accept the fact that I’ll never lose my Beer Gut. Thank god Leonardo made Dad bods cool! Yes, I am a bit of a class clown, surprisingly well received by everyone else at Inverse. ME would say “don’t grow up too fast”, MYSELF would reply with “you’re 40 with Kids. It’s about time you grow up”!, I would say “lucky you’re good at recruitment, or you’d be a chubby middle-aged man desperately trying to get a place on the next season of MasterChef”.

Favourite Movie:

Happy Gilmore 


“It was my first experience with any recruiting agency, I am literally really happy with the service so far and really want to continue with Thomas.”

Saeed, A.  


“Thomas was very well organised, detailed, prompt, and knowledgeable. I was very comfortable through out the recruitment process.”


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