The current job market continues to be competitive, with talented workers expected to maintain a strong bargaining position over the next five years. To remain competitive, employers must ensure that their companies align with the preferences of job seekers in today’s market.

Every month LinkedIn surveys 20,000 members about the most important priorities they weigh when considering a new job. The below stats are based on the Survey results of Jan 2023.

1. Flexibility

Flexibility was the top priority with 51% of candidates saying it was a crucial factor when evaluating a new job opportunity. With the growing importance of work-life balance and well-being, job seekers are emphasising the importance of flexibility to help balance their personal and professional life.

2. Compensation

Closely following flexibility is compensation, with 50% of candidates reviewing it when looking for a new role. Compensation is the total pay an employee receives when working. Candidates find it valuable to have financial stability while being recognised for the skills and experience they have.

3. Career Growth

45% of candidates said they look for career growth when viewing new job opportunities. Career growth helps candidates learn new skills, and knowledge, and gain experience to advance their careers. It also allows candidates to see a clear path for advancements within a company and help with overall job satisfaction.

4. Job Security

Job security is crucial to candidates with 38% of them saying they consider it when looking at new roles. It provides financial stability, reduces stress, and helps contribute to a positive company culture.

5. Impactful work

36% of candidates prioritise impactful work when seeking a new role. Impactful work can refer to work that has a significant positive effect or outcome. It is work that creates meaningful change and delivers value. This is important to candidates as it allows them to identify if the job aligns with their values, skills, and interests. Leading to candidates feeling motivated satisfied and fulfilled in their jobs.

6. Opportunities to learn new skills

At 34%, the last consideration for candidates is the availability of opportunities to acquire new skills. Learning new skills is important to candidates as it can improve their employability, increase job satisfaction, and help lead to career growth.

Global fastest growing priorities for candidates

Additionally, the top five priorities for job seekers globally have shifted in response to changing work environment:

  1. Flexible working arrangements: +5%
  2. Compensation: +4%
  3. Supportive Managers: +4%
  4. Clear goals from leadership: +3%
  5. Job Security: +2%

Overall, job seekers in Australia are placing a high value on flexibility, compensation, career growth, job security, impactful work, and opportunities to learn new skills when considering new job opportunities. As the job market continues to evolve, employers/recruiters must stay up to date with these shifting priorities to attract and retain top talent.

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Source: Linkedin Talent Solutions: The future of recruiting 2023